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We are professionals in Telecommunications and Blockchain Consultancy. If you need any help in this area, we are happy to help, advice, consult and make sure your ideas become a reality.


We advice you with honesty, realisism, but will never stop dreaming with you to find your blue ocean, and make you and your ideas and dreams thrive!


The opportunities that Blockchain offers are beyond our imagination. It providea ownership, security, immutability, independence, freedom and more.


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Dreaming and the Ocean

The name K-OD, short for Kruitbosch Ocean Dream was inspired by both the Ocean and Dream. Both names mean a lot to us, due to the fact that we had got to know our amazing foster child Ocean during our team in California, and also we are the proud owners of a Shih-Tzu called Dream.

Both names have so much depth, since we have the deep believe that both companies and individuals should never ever stop dreaming.... Then the Ocean is something so deep, wide, unfathomable, which has inspired generations!  When in 2005 the Blue Ocean strategy was published, it inspired companies and strategist until this day. It is a reminder to stay original, explore the unknown, the unexplored and keep dreaming, growing and expanding!



We consult you on your blockchain use cases. K-OD has experience for many years in a variety of Blockchain use cases, from music, to voting, oil & gas, financial services and more.


With over 20 years of experience in Telecommunications, we have all you need to setup a successful communication business. From sales, pre-sales, commercial management, to product design, development and operations. We are keen to help you on your journey!